Botleys Mansion
George & Chris

I think I might have become accustomed to micro-weddings (in a good way), because Chris and Georgina’s Botleys Mansion BIG Day simply didn’t feel like it had been bashed on the head by enforced compromise. The guest list may have been reduced, but all of the elements that make up an awesome wedding to shoot were all there. Friends, youngsters occasionally getting up to no good, hugs (obviously keeping to ‘The Bubble Rule’), and lots and lots of tangible emotion.

The day started upstairs in the Bridal Suite where George and her Bridal Posse got ready for the day ahead, and barring one minor issue with a spillage on the dress (!), everything went according to plan and schedule. I periodically switched between George’s room and that of Chris and his family & friends to make sure I got those essential shots of the groom in his pants and wrestling with the hairdryer. 🙂

Once ready, the boys headed downstairs to welcome the remaining guests and to await George’s arrival in The Green Room.

After a beautiful wedding ceremony the couple headed outside to get pelted with confetti, but not before we were all treated to…well…the picture below probably says it better than words ever could. Having gotten over the impromptu streaker, a couple of glasses of bubbly and a much needed catch up between friends and family continued before we all headed downstairs for dinner and speeches.

I always find that the best time for a few intimate shots of the couple is as late as light will allow, so as we had a little time on our hands we did just that. Braving the random sailing weather, those with cameras and the couple themselves disappeared for a short stroll and some pictures.

Congratulations George and Chris, it was a perfect day and it was so great to be back doing what I love, photographing awesome weddings!

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