Botleys Mansion
Sara & Matt

Sara and Matt’s wedding brought me back to Botleys Mansion for the second time within a week, what a great location to keep returning to!

Sara, along with her close friends and family, got ready for the marriage ceremony up in the Bridal Suite on what was a beautiful sunny day. It was great to see everyone having fun and feeling relaxed and excited on what was going to be a really memorable moment in their lives. Now it’s normally far too easy a job for the boys to get ready, but in this case there was a small obstacle of tackling bow ties, but once that had been negotiated it was time to meet and greet all of the guests who started to arrive in the early afternoon.

The ceremony itself was started by the procession of the Bridal Party. The Green Room is always a favourite of mine for shooting marriage ceremonies not least because of the wonderful light and simple yet elegant decor. With the knot tied, it was confetti time and they really got pelted, and by that I mean absolutely, well and truly covered in the stuff.

After a sunny reception everyone headed downstairs to the atrium for dinner which started with speeches and ended with a cutting of the cheese cake. Some fresh air for the couple (along with some pictures naturally) followed then it was time for the party to get kicked off by the band. It was a great day and congratulations once again to Matt & Sara!

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