Blacknest Golf Club
Sophie & Joe

August 21, 2021

“I will continue to take you as my wife, to have and to hold…”

This was definitely the first time I had heard the Groom vow to stay married to his wife standing beside him. Given how cruel 2020 had been to them and so many other couples planning a wedding, it may not be the last time I hear these words. Sophie and Joe may well have legally got married many months before August 2021, but I suspect that it will be this day that will mark the emotional start of their journey together.

I arrived at Sophie’s parents’ home to such a warm welcome. When it feels like everyone you chat to is like an old friend, it makes it even easier to capture the effervescent mood that was clear to see the moment after I rang the door bell. After a calm and extremely friendly start to the day it was time to head off to Church.

The marriage ceremony was a very special series of moments. Not just for Sophie and Joe, but for the guests too, and it was immediately apparent that this was not just the emotional start of their marriage together, but also their spiritual one. I’ve been privileged to witness many religious ceremonies that have meant a great deal to the couple, and Sophie and Joe’s nuptials and blessings were clearly as important to them.

After a moving and uplifting ceremony we all headed outside, and as the forecasters had got things completely wrong, we took advantage with a confetti bombardment and a good catch up. A little while later we headed to Blacknest where drinks, crazy golf, and old-school arcades awaited. I’ll restrain myself as much as possible here, but a bit of Mortal Kombat and PacMan is a genius idea to keep the kids happy. And the over 20s. The over 30s…

A couple of speeches rounded off Reception outside, then a little later S&J kicked the evening off with their own special words. Eager to catch the last light of the day, we headed off together for a few intimate photos. I say ‘together’ but as they were travelling a la golf buggy, meeting them at strategic points might be a more accurate description. Shortly after this we hit the dance floor for the First Dance followed by a Ceilidh. Organised chaos and I loved every minute of it!

Congratulations Sophie and Joe, what a fabulous day and well worth the wait!

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