Berkshire Marquee Wedding
Emma & Ed

August 14, 2021

There are often a couple of phrases that pop up in the Groom’s speech that are met with rapturous applause. When Ed spoke the words ‘My wife…’ and then continued to describe how beautiful she looked walking up the aisle, the applause was joyous as it was understandable. Clearly Emma was a gorgeous Bride and she radiated that effortlessly, but the cheers also echoed the relief of being married on their intended date without more Covid-related hiccups. And what a day it was.

Having dropped by the church earlier with photographer Chris Mann, I arrived at Emma’s parents’ house on a beautiful Summer’s day. When it’s a marquee wedding at home, you keep everything crossed for a dry day, and the Gods of Wedding Weather were feeling more than sympathetic.

Emma prepared for the day surrounded by her closest friends and family. Having stepped into her stunning dress during emotional scenes it was time to head for church…

The ceremony itself was beautiful with just a minor hiccup along the way – The Case of the Missing Text – but there’s no shortage of Bibles in a church, so after a bit of rummaging and flicking through pages the vicar had us back up to speed!

Confetti followed the tying of the knot, and then it was just a short walk, and an even shorter drive for Emma & Ed, to reception.

After speeches and just before the party began, we nipped outside to grab the last of the light for some intimate shots. After that it was just a case of a Margarita-fuelled party and I couldn’t think of a better way to kick things off!

Congratulations Emma and Ed, what a wonderful day and a very special couple indeed.

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