Bartholomew Barn
Lauren & Jamie

August 16, 2019

The thing about wet weddings is that it really makes no difference to how much fun people have on the day. I’ve seen the ‘Well, we’re in it together’ attitude time and time again. So, if you’re planning a wedding whether (pun intended) it be in mid-Summer or the depths of winter, keep your expectations grounded and that way you’re still going to have an amazing day. Come rain or…more rain.

Lauren and Jamie had been glued to the forecast for the week leading up to their Bartholomew Barn wedding (as had their photographer), and it didn’t look good. With that said, it was still bone dry when I met up with Lauren at her house for the morning’s preparations. Aside from the occasional nervous glance out of the window, it was a very relaxed start to the day and everyone there was so warm and welcoming. Meanwhile, Josh Dicker (my second photographer for the day) met up with Jamie and friends at the pub across the road from the church – why do the boys always have such an easy time of it on the morning of the wedding? 🙂

Lauren headed off for church in plenty of time, and once the wedding guests had caught up with each other and taken their seats, it was on with the ceremony. The vicar was one of a kind and just the friendliest person the couple could have hoped to have married them, and as a result the ceremony was as fun and light-hearted as it was moving and emotional.

Confetti after the ceremony was mixed with a little light rain (the forecast was bang on!) but still the couple braved the open top option to drive to reception. Good on ’em! Once the Gods of Wedding Weather were satisfied that everyone had arrived at Bartholomew Barn they nipped off for a fag and the clouds opened. And open they stayed for the rest of the day. I might be wrong but I think everyone had such a good time that nobody really noticed…

Dinner and speeches followed a wet drinks reception, and afterwards we miraculously managed to get some photos of the couple outdoors. Well at least it was dry when we started! Sparklers, cutting the cake, the first dance, and ahem…wedding dancing followed to kick off the evening’s celebrations. What an awesome day to be a part of, congratulations Lauren and Jamie, you guys really nailed it!

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