Award Winning Wedding
Photography – WPJA

June 10, 2018

Totally chuffed to receive a MasterPiece Award from the WPJA this week. I finally decided to join the WPJA recently (that’s the Wedding Photo Journalist Association by the way!) and it’s just great for this photograph to receive recognition from perhaps the longest running international association for this particular genre of photography.

The photograph itself was taken earlier this year at Meryl and Rich’s wedding in Merton & Clapham. As always my favourite shots are the ones I least expect and in this case we were in a London cab together between the ceremony and reception. We were chatting away withof course my finger discreetly on the trigger just in case. And Bang! out comes the sun at just the right moment…Meryl looks over her shoulder with the sun catching her smile, hand in hand with Champers on the go. So glad I decided not to drive…

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