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When shooting the natural side of a wedding, it’s very much observe…anticipate…capture. If ever a profession could be put under the category of people-watching, this would be right up there. As every wedding is unique, photographing them is always intriguing and never repetitious. Two weddings could be at the same time of year and at the same location, but it’s going to be a completely different series of photographs every time – those nuances in mood and expression and the different personalities that you’re striving to capture.

Photographing weddings of course is not just about capturing those candid moments. There is certainly great value in photographs of the couple and their friends and family, a value that only grows with time. I remember visiting my parents’ home ten years ago, and being transfixed by an old group photograph of at least four generations of my family. It felt like a marker in time. How things had changed, how thing had not was fascinating. To photograph a wedding in purely ‘documentary’ mode would be missing the point, which is why I always photograph you with those that matter most.

I look forward to shooting each and every wedding. My apologies for the cliché, but it is a huge privilege to photograph such an important day. With the world being so heavily influenced by social media, one could say the relevance of a photograph is quickly lost as the next big thing is there in seconds. My aim is to put together a collection of photographs that has a weight of permanency to them. And as I can do this whilst making people smile in the present and reminisce in the future, it’s something that will continue to make me smile.

Richard Galloway – Documentary Wedding Photographer