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Hi, I’m Richard and I’ve been shooting weddings for over ten years and I can honestly say it’s a joy and a privilege. The short term effect of presenting your photographs to newlyweds is only the half of it.

‘We are in absolute awe of our wedding photos, they are just absolutely beautiful and have really captured how special the day was.’

But that’s just the short term…the fact is that we live in a world where everything moves at the speed of a facebook feed. Blink and you might miss something for good. Not so with a wedding album. This is something to be enjoyed today, but treasured for decades and generations to come. And that’s what gives me the most satisfaction; knowing that what I’m putting together may start out as a wedding album but with time will become a family heirloom.

Control is not something that I have to wrestle with as for the most part I’m in documentary mode! Which is to say that I don’t need to interfere, poke, prod, and direct to get the photographs I’m looking for. What I’m trying to capture is real emotion, real moments. And to become a director would spoil that. So part of what I do is about forward planning and part of it is reacting quickly to a moment before it’s gone.

Now obviously, I take the couple away for some gorgeous shots of just the two of them and a wedding wouldn’t be a wedding without some shots of friends and family, but I always take great care to make sure that those moments don’t take over the day, and that the couple aren’t missed or indeed missing out. A little organisation, a little care, and a lot of respect for the day and what it represents and I can get a nice blend of posed and natural images without disruption, allowing the party to be what it should be…

If you’d like to chat about my style and what you’re into then give me a call or drop me an email.

Richard Galloway

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