Abbeywood Estate, Cheshire
Becky & Tom

August 13, 2021

‘Oh my goodness Richard, we have just looked through the photos, they are incredible! We have laughed our way through them, one of us may have teared up (I’ll let you guess who). I don’t know how but you have managed to completely capture the essence of the day and all that was important to us. Looking through the photos was like reliving it again.

We are absolutely thrilled and have had so many compliments about how you were both relaxed and friendly, but also unobtrusive. We will definitely be recommending you to anyone who will listen!’

Given that Becky and Tom looked like the cats that got the cream for the entire day, it would be rude not to invoke Lewis Carroll’s famous feline. When in Cheshire. I wasn’t the only one to think that they both looked like Cheshire Cats as I overheard such comments a couple of times if not more. However, in the spirit of not wanting to overly abuse a metaphor, that is the first and last you shall hear of this cliché.

Having spent the night before in Cheshire, I arrived on a gloriously sunny morning at Abbeywood Estate feeling fresh and absolutely stoked to be capturing B&T’s wedding. It really is a stunning location with deep, thick woodland, explosively colourful gardens, and a giant greenhouse to photograph some of the key moments in.

I felt welcome and right at home before I even got to say hello to Becky and her posse. Perhaps something to do with it was I didn’t need to ask for directions to where they were getting ready as I could hear them living it up from across the car park.

After a couple of hours that simply flew by, whilst occasionally ducking my head out to see what Tom and the boys were up to, it was time to take stock, take seats, and take in the moments that were shortly to come as Becky made her way to the ceremony accompanied by her father.

The ceremony itself was spine-tingling at times. This was helped by the fact that the minister of Becky and Tom’s London church made his way up here to perform a thought provoking service, as did a friend who both played the piano and punched out a brilliant rendition of Amazing Grace. I never tire of that piece of music.

After enjoying a confetti blitz and a glass or two of bubbles in the wonderful sunshine, it was time to head in for dinner and speeches…yet another reason for those 10,000 Watt smiles to light up the room with the occasional tear to keep things nice and balanced. As the speeches finished we timed our run perfectly for a short getaway and some photos in the evening sun before it ducked behind the horizon giving the nod for the party to begin. It was quite a party and it was awesome to capture such a great crowd having such a fantastic time. It’s been a long time coming for so many couples, so it only makes sense that there will be many more like this to follow.

Congratulations to Becky and Tom, this day clearly meant so much to you all and it just brilliant to be a part of it.


Beautiful photos Richard, they are so atmospheric. I am so proud of my son Tom and his lovely wife Becky

Thank you so much for your kind words David, it really was such a perfect day!

You have truly captured the pure joy and happiness of the day!

Thank you so much for your kind words Anita!

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