100 Barrington
Kate & David

I’m not sure I’ve seen a Bride smile quite so much in one day. This, as it seemed to me after a few hours of taking pictures, was just Kate being Kate. Approachable and charming to all who meet her. This turned out to be a common theme in the photographs that would end up defining the day. If Brixton had been hit by a blackout, then I’m sure Kate’s boundless enthusiasm and 10,000 Watt smile would have seen 100 Barrington through to the wee small hours.

As it turned out, I actually met David first whilst I was taking pictures outside The Gore Hotel in Kensington. It’s so nice to meet people in the flesh, having had so many video calls over the last 18 months or so. David reinforced this immediately, making me feel right at home from the off. Minutes later I met up with Kate and her Bridal Posse who were in the thick of getting ready/having a bloody good morning.

Having yo-yo’d between both parties getting ready, it was time to jump in an Uber and head off to Brixton. There was a buzz in the air when I arrived, with the guests seated and ready for the big moment. Shortly after a meeting with the registrar, so was Kate and her father…

Now that the ceremony was complete, there was only one thing for it, confetti attack. In fact, whilst people lining up, fists clenched with the flowery ammunition, I overheard one gentleman say “I’m not sure what the protocol is for this. Do we throw it AT them, or gently over them?” If in doubt, pulverise them, I thought. I must have been thinking out aloud, because they were absolutely blasted with the stuff. With that said, Kate and David handled it like pros. Heads down, mouths closed. Well one of them did at least…

Reception drinks and canapes were the plan for the next hour or so, and of course we just HAD to get some photos outside before the light disappeared altogether. Once everyone was well fed and watered it was time for dinner and speeches.

After dinner and speeches, we all headed back out to the bar during which time the DJ set up for the party. Coffee and cocktails (and coffee cocktails) were there with the aim of giving all that all important second wind, and they didn’t disappoint. The party was an awesome way to end an amazing day of celebrations.

I’d been looking forward to meeting Kate and David as well as shooting at 100 Barrington for a while now, and I was right to be eager about November the 6th. It was a fabulous day from start to finish! Thank you to K&D for having me there, and congratulations!

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