100 Barrington
Bethany & Aram

What. A. DAY! I just love shooting weddings like Bethany and Aram’s in South London. The weather was spot on, everyone I bumped into was lovely and had a spring in their step, and the couple were awesome to photograph. The first of whom (Bethany) got ready in the gorgeous corner room at The Half Moon pub in Herne Hill along with her three sisters, mother and a smattering of friends. The mood was exactly what you’d expect from such a close-knit bunch, excitement and a sense of sharing such a special day.

Aram’s plans to prepare elsewhere had been dashed, so he along with a great bunch of guys donned their suits a few doors down. An equally warm mood set the tone, and before long they headed to the Brixton Brewery Tap Room to meet and greet guests.

After an emotional moment between Bethany and her father at The Half Moon it was now time to escort his daughter up the aisle. It was clear to see the pride there. And Aram, well words would fail me for how he felt at the time. Safe to say, this was a special moment that was as emotional as it was laugh out loud.

After a very relaxed reception, it was time to head inside for dinner and speeches which were delivered with timing and sincerity. Every word spoken was chosen carefully, every emotion conveyed; it was a joy to be able to tap into it all.

After dinner we headed outside for a stroll and some fresh air whilst taking in some of Brixton’s unique street art.

The party soon followed. Itt was pretty clear to me that people would get on the dance floor and stay there. That they did. The party, I suspect, carried on for quite some time after I packed up my gear at half ten. Some say they’re still at it…


Congratulations Bethany and Aram on a wonderful day, and every day since as husband and wife.


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